Pet Medications

Here is how the NACo Prescription Discount Card Program can be used for your pet prescriptions:

  • Only works for medications dispensed from a participating pharmacy. These are the same medications that would also be used to treat human conditions.

  • If your pet is prescribed a medication, ask your veterinarian if the medication is also used to treat human conditions. Examples are medications for seizures, heart conditions, infections, allergies, pain relief, diabetes and anti-depressants used to treat behavioral disorders in animals.

  • Ask your veterinarian for a written prescription and take the prescription to a participating pharmacy along with your prescription discount card.

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Below is a list of medications that are often prescribed for pets:

This is only a sample of some of the medications* that may be used to treat pet conditions. Your veterinarian is your best source for determining which medication(s) are appropriate for your pet.

Heart Conditions

  • amlonodipine
  • atenolol
  • benazepril
  • enalepril
  • furosemide
  • lisinopril
  • sotalol
  • spironolactone


  • gabapentin
  • phenobarbital

Behavioral Disorders

  • alprazolam
  • diazepam
  • fluoxetine
  • Seroquel®
  • thiothixene
  • Valium®


  • Humulin N®
  • Lantus®
  • Levemir®
  • Novolin®

Eye Conditions

  • dorzolamide
  • flurbiprofen
  • prednisolone


  • amoxicillin
  • cephalexin
  • clindamycin
  • floconaole
  • Sporanox®


  • levothyroxine
  • methimazole
  • Tapazole®

Pain Relief / Arthritis

  • Celebrex®
  • meloxicam
  • methocarbamol
  • naproxen
  • tramadol

Stomach / Laxatives

  • generlac
  • lactulose
  • lansoprazole
  • omeprazole
  • sucralfatex

Skin Conditions / Topical

  • benzoyl
  • peroxide
  • clindamycine
  • phosphate
  • Metrogel®
  • lidocaine

* This page contains references to brand-name prescription drugs that are trademarks or registered trademarks of pharmaceutical manufacturers not affiliated with CVS Caremark.